Nikkei Maki/Nigiri Set


Eat Nikkei all day with our Nikkei Maki + Nigiri Set!

  • Andes Yama Maki | Snow Crab, Asparagus Oshinko, Shiso Maki, topped with Salmon, Ume Beet Puree, Goose Berry, Chive
  • 4 Pieces Nikkei Nigiri | Yellowtail, Scallop, Tuna, Fluke

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Available for free delivery or pickup from Monday, February 11th to Friday, February 15th.

Delivery Hours: 10AM – 4PM

Pickup Hours: 10AM-10PM.

Delivery Radius:

Sushigram Delivery
Sushigram Delivery Radius
Email [email protected] with any questions or to deliver outside of radius.