Co-Executive Chef Taku Nagai

Hailing from Osaka, Japan, Taku Nagai has most recently worked in the kitchen of Japanese home-style restaurant Ootoya, where he and Chef Mina Newman first met. At Sen Sakana, together, he and Mina have combined the cuisines of their heritage to present true Nikkei style cuisine, for the first time ever, to the palates of New York. Sen Sakana showcases the flavors and techniques of both cultures that was created with the migration of Japanese people to Peru. Taku’s career has also spanned the globe to Thailand, working at Mitsumori of Tokyo, Ootoya, and other Izakaya-style restaurants in Japan.

Passionate about his craft, he and Chef Mina have created a menu of unforgettable cuisine, applying Japanese technique to Peruvian ingredients and resulting in a beautiful medley of interwoven flavors.