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Upscale Kosher Dining
in Midtown Manhattan

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Upscale Kosher Dining
in Midtown Manhattan

Kosher Certified by Rabbi Berach Steinfeld

June 1, 2023

י”ב סיון תשפ”ג לפ”ק

28 West 44th הנמצא ב Sen Sakana, הננו לאשר בזה שהמסעדה

,עומד תחת השגחתינו ופיקוחינו. כל המוצרים הם כשר למהדרין St.

פת ישראל, בישול ישראל וגלאט כשר. יאכלו ענוים וישבעו. ומי שמעוניין

.יכול להתקשר למשרד

This is to certify that the restaurant Sen Sakana located at 28 West 44th Street, is under our Hashgocha and is certified as Kosher LaMehadrin, Pas Yisroel, Bishul Yisroel and Glatt Kosher. For more information, please contact the office at the above numbers or email. .יאכלו ענוים וישבעו

ההשגחה בתוקף עד כ”ג אייר תשפ”ד לפ”ק

The Hashgocha is in effect until May 31, 2024 and is subject to renewal.

ר’ ברך שטיינפעלד
מנהל הכשרות

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Dover Tov

We have a Shul in Flatbush which serves as a place for davening and learning for the public at large. The Shul is run by Rabbi Berach Steinfeld who is a talmid of Mir and Torah Vodaath. Rabbi Steinfeld gives various shiurim including but not limited to Daf Yomi and Pirkei Avos and Chumash.

In addition as part of our services to the community at large we certify a number of establishments. Including but not limited to Universal Coffee Yorkville Coffee, CHQ Drinks and Manhattan Special beverages. Our Kashrus Administrator is Rabbi Berach Steinfeld who has over twenty years of extensive kosher experience having been the administrator of the KIC in Flatbush and Field Representative of Kehilah Kashrus. Rabbi Steinfeld comes highly acclaimed and is well known in the Kashrus world.

If there is more information needed please feel free to reach out.

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